Details for ROBERT KOLAR DBA DIAMOND DREAM - Ad from 2019-07-05

DID YOU KNOW? Many small jewelers mark up diamonds and jewelry 100-300%. Example: Jewelers cost = $500, sell price = $1000$2500. The markup can be even larger on silver products, gemstones, and costume jewelry, sometimes as high as 700%. We do not use this kind of markup or artificial inflation at Diamond Dream. We will save you money, GUARANTEED, compare us to any store, anywhere, even Internet prices. We will also compete against other jewelry wholesalers. So stop, shop, and compare. Diamond r e a m 449-GOLD(4653) D W h o l e s a l e CALL for your appointment Helena’s DiamonD experts We Will beat any price, Jensen’s, Macy’s, costco, blue nile.

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