Details for ROBERT KOLAR DBA DIAMOND DREAM - Ad from 2019-11-13

DID YOU KNOW? Most jewelers will complement you on a piece of jewelry once you have expressed an interest in it. Why? This is done to get you to fall in love with it. When one is complemented on something, one tends to like it even more, to fall in Love with it. When that happens, logic seems to go out the window, and cost does not matter. One then believes they have found the perfect piece of jewelry. We, at Diamond Dream Wholesale, do not use this high-pressure tactic. Beware of this gimmick of them telling you,” How pretty it makes you look”. Diamond r e a m 449-GOLD(4653) D W h o l e s a l e CALL for your appointment Helena’s DiamonD experts We Will beat any price, Jensen’s, Macy’s, costco, blue nile.

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