Details for ROBERT KOLAR DBA DIAMOND DREAM - Ad from 2021-10-08

DID YOU KNOW? Some jewelers will tell you that you should spend two times your monthly income on an engagement ring. It is called the “two months salary” rule. Don’t fall victim to this gimmick; at Diamond Dream Wholesale we keep our customers within their budget. Buy what you can afford now and you can always upgrade to a bigger or better diamond when you can afford it. But first, check with her, (some women will not part with a ring, sentimental), others will. We will always buy the item back when you decide to trade up; some rules apply. Diamond r e a m 449-GOLD(4653) D W h o l e s a l e CALL for your appointment Helena’s DiamonD experts We Will beat any price, Jensen’s, WalMart, costco, blue nile.