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Juarez reclaims Butte 100 mountain bike race title

2012-07-30T00:00:00Z Juarez reclaims Butte 100 mountain bike race titleBy KEVIN LYTLE The Montana Standard Helena Independent Record
July 30, 2012 12:00 am  • 

Coming into Saturday’s sixth annual Butte 100 bike race, most people knew that the man to beat was David “Tinker” Juarez.

He won the event last year in record time and was expected to repeat.

Turns out it wasn’t even a contest. Juarez obliterated his record from last year and finished the 100-mile race in an astonishing eight hours and 22 minutes, cutting more than an hour off last years’ record of nine hours and 36 minutes.

“I really don’t know what my time’s going to be (while racing), but I thought that what I did last year I should be able to beat,” Juarez said after the race. “I knew I could get it under nine hours today.”

When word spread at the finish line that Juarez had passed the last checkpoint more than an hour ahead of the record pace, those in attendance started joking that there would be two winners to the race. Juarez would set the record, while the other mere mortals would fight to be the human winner.

Juarez said that last year he got off track a couple of times, draining him mentally and physically.

“It really just zapped a lot of energy out of me and I had to get my head back in it and try and get back in the groove again,” he said.

That didn’t happen this year. Juarez stayed on course and passed all but one of the 50-mile riders who were put on the course three hours after the 100-mile starters.

Following the race, Juarez was full of praise for all the volunteers that help him get to Butte and do a phenomenal job of clearly marking the course. He said it was incredible the work all the volunteers did and it’s one of the reasons the Butte 100 is one of his favorite races.

Race director Gina Evans said that the race, with 243 riders, went smoothly.

“My phone is quiet,” she joked.

After the Tinker Juarez show, Jamie Lamb of Calgary came in second in the 100-mile with a time of eight hours and 36 minutes, also obliterating the previous course record.

The fastest finisher in the 50-mile race was Adam Jensen, of Great Falls, who was able to withstand the heat to be the only rider on the course to finish in front of Juarez.

“I got a little tired the last 15 minutes, but I could hear a highway so I knew I was close,” he said.

The first female finisher was Heidi Gaskill, from Missoula, who had a time of six hours and 13 minutes in the 50-mile.

Evans and the rest of the organizers were happy to see another successful race as it continues to grow in this, its sixth year.

Evans spoke with Juarez about trying to get some of his Cannondale teammates to come to Butte to ramp the competition level up even more.

“Year after year riders keep coming back and saying they love this race. It’s only going to spread, it’s exploding right now.”


Butte 100 Results

Partial Results

Mens Elite 100

1. Tinker Juarez, Whittier, Calif. 08:22:41; 2. Jamie Lamb, Calgary, AB, 08:36:41; 3. Ben Parsons, Kalispell, 08:46:07; 4. John Curry, Bozeman, 09:22:41; 5. Matt Butterfield, Kalispell, 10:06:59; 6. Miguel Arias, Boulder, Colo., 10:09:28; 7. Alex Gallego, Missoula, 10:14:03; 8. Brian Frykmane, Bozeman, 10:17:28; 9. Bill Martina, Bozeman, 10:21:12; 10. Alex Hassman, Big Sky, 12:13:57; 11. Kevin Jacobsen, Bozeman, 12:25:48; 12. Mike Borduin, Butte, 12:31:39; 13. John Blaskovich, Butte, 12:32:26.

Mens Open 100

1. Colin Chisholm, Missoula, 10:26:30; 2. David Hoffman, Bozeman, 10:34:43; 3. Peter Lambros, Missoula, 10:47:32; 4. John Doran, Helena, 11:15:55; 5. Dave Silk, Butte, 11:17:12; 6. Royce Cassidy, Missoula, 11:24:48; 7. Warren Smith, Butte, 11:51:28; 8. David Thomah, Bozeman, 11:57:42; 9. Aaron Nelson, Boise, Idaho, 11:58:16; 10. Josh Leighton, Boise, Idaho, 12:07:56; 11. Mike Birnbaum, MIssoula, 12:08:19; 12. Steve Helm, Bozeman, 12:26:58.

Mens Singlespeed 100

1. Greg Sherwini, Brandon, 10:30:24.

Mens Singlespeed 50

1. Matthew Pagel, Missoula, 06:17:08; 2. Blase Reardons, Ketchumo, Idaho, 07:06:32; 3. Eddie Joyi, Missoula, 07:19:45; 4. Brian Thompson, Billings, 08:56:28; 5. Thomas Rau, Stevensville, 09:09:42.

Mens Elite 50

1. Adam Jensen, Great Falls, 04:57:31; 2. Ben Ruffatto, 05:33:04; 3. Tocatta Spearman, 06:09:14; 4. Shaun Radley, Missoula, 06:11:52

Mens Open 50

1. Todd Cross, Missoula, 05:30:08; 2. Doug Shryock, Missoula, 05:36:31; 3. Justin Doll, Salt Lake City, Utah, 05:43:00; 4. Toby Meierbachtol, Missoula, 05:43:55; 5. Dylan Johnson, Missoula, 05:51:56; 6. Travis Howard, Missoula, 06:01:24; 7. Solon Linton, Missoula, 06:04:00; 8. Selden Daume, Missoula, 06:06:16; 9. Mark Brooke, Missoula, 06:14:56; 10. Trent Baker, Missoula, 06:19:48; 11. Mike Giuliani, Missoula, 06:20:52; 12. Ray Derenburger, Anaconda, 06:24:02; 13. Bill Simmel, Missoula, 06:24:14; 14. Robert Gillespie, Missoula, 06:30:47; 15. Chad Devall, Hamilton, 06:33:19; 16. Mike Carey, Bozeman, 06:33:57; 17. Scott Lenaburg, Missoula, 06:35:22; 18. Mike Rossi, Missoula, 06:40:18; 19. Eric Peterman, Missoula, 06:43:34; 20. Johnathan Bardsley, Missoula, 06:44:48; 21. Ben Haggett, Missoula, 06:45:25; 22. Chad Dexter, Helena, 06:47:16; 23. Justin Bigart, Bozeman, 06:50:17; 24. Mike McCormick, Bozeman, 07:04:33; 25. Dan Gagere, Corvallis, 07:06:26; 26. Edward Stalling, Missoula, 07:07:32; 27. Evan Zamorea, Missoula, 07:10:38; 28. Jesse Doll, mIssoula, 07:11:09; 29. Chad Yurkoa, Missoula, 07:11:17; 30. Chris Bruha, Livinsgton, 07:12:26; 31. Nick Silverman, Missoula, 07:15:09; 32. Jeff Braun, Butte, 07:16:06; 33. Danve Evans, Bozeman, 07:18:48; 34. Russell Parker, Bozeman, 07:20:48; 35. Ed Van Aelstyn, Missoula, 07:20:52; 36. Larry Stayner, Missoula, 07:23:01; 37. Boz Bosell, Bozeman, 07:24:17; 38. Robert Rolle, Helana, 07:24:45; 39. Matt Barnes, Missoula, 07:25:15; 40. Mitch Stimac, Missoula, 07:29:47; 41. Chris Mcintosh, Bozeman, 07:34:33; 42. James Jensen, Lethbridge, 07:37:29; 43. Kevin Shuttlesworth, Butte, 07:38:38; 44. Matt Radlowski, Missoula, 07:39:35; 45. Rob Curtis, Darby, 07:40:00; 46. Shawn Skinner, Missoula, 07:41:59; 47. Dame McDonough, MIssoula, 07:42:13; 48. Jamie Veis, Butte, 07:42:14; 49. Andrew Frank, Helena, 07:42:14; 50. Lincoln Jamrog, Livingston, 07:47:21; 51. Sean Macneeg, Hamilton, 07:49:58; 52. Garrett Carlson, Helena, 07:50:43; 53. Martin Johnson, Bozeman, 07:52:42; 54. Steven Sommerfield, Lethbridge, AB, 07:53:55; 55. Aldrich Fisher, Bozeman, 07:57:11; 56. Mike Warrens, Missoula, 07:57:26; 56; 57. Charles Schusterd, Lander, Wyo., 07:59:05; 58. Ed Warner, Helena, 08:02:00; 59. Scott Ulrich, Bozeman, 08:06:34; 60. Daniel Bridger, Laiee, 08:18:45; 61. Jesse Woodward, Helena, 08:19:38; 62. Doug Fletcher, Bozeman, 08:21:24; 63. Scott Dehlendorf, Bozeman, 08:22:44; 64. Derek Moore, Missoula, 08:25:21; 65. John Klingbeil, Stevensville, 08:25:24; 66. John Coulthard, Butte, 08:30:40; 67. Brett Woelberd, Missoula, 08:32:11; 68. Mike Fund, Missoula, 08:35:03; 69. Paul Parson, Missoula, 08:35:19; 70. Ryan Weishaar, Pocatello, Idaho, 08:38:39; 71. Jim Brown, Hamilton, 08:43:52; 72. Tige Thorman, Spearfish, S.D., 08:44:12; 73. Peter Kirwan, Bozeman, 08:46:21; 74. Matt McKenna, Bozeman, 08:46:22; 75. Micah Bogage, Arleem, 08:47:06; 76. Reed Watson, Bozeman, 08:47:29; 77. Chip Marvin, Jackson, Wyo., 08:47:56; 78. Fred Kellner, Missoula, 08:48:44; 79. Michael Manhard, Missoula, 08:56:58; 80. Bob Mund, Missoula, 08:57:50; 81. Mark Peterson, Butte, 09:02:11; 82. Karl Moser, Missoula, 09:02:40; 83. Jared Murphy, Missoula, 09:03:59; 84. Ryan Wilson, Bozeman, 09:12:56; 85. Zane Nelson, Grand Junction, Colo., 09:13:46; 86. Alan Bridge, Shelby, 09:30:36; 87. Mark Gilmore, Missoula, 09:32:06.

Womens Elite 100

1. LIsa Curry, Bozeman, 10:50:53; 2. Megan Lawson, Bozeman, 12:14:49; 3. Amy Frykman, Bozeman, 12:21:07.

Womens Open 100

1. Amy Chiuchiolo, Bozeman, 11:49:15.

Womens Elite 50

1. Heidi Gaskill, Missoula, 06:13:43; 2. Jenny Newton, Missoula, 06:30:37; 3. Ellie Meierbachto, MIssoula, 07:19:44.

Womens Open 50

1. Jamie Terry, Missoula, 07:19:53; 2. Katie Reesey, Bozeman, 07:23:54; 3. Debra Morrell, Helana, 07:26:50; 4. Kellie Carim, Missoula, 07:29:16; 5. Aidan Myhree, Helana, 07:44:37; 6. Karla Wagner, Lander, Wyo., 07:59:04; 7. Katie Davis, Bozeman, 08:07:26; 8. Jennifer Bardsley, Missoula, 08:11:45; 9. Erin Reisi, Butte, 08:14:44; 10. Mary Deane, Butte, 08:39:30; 11. Carley Squires, Kenmorei, Wash., 08:44:23; 12. Wendy Brookee, Helena, 08:44:23; 13. Andrea Thompson, Missoula, 08:46:56; 14. Maer Seiberts, Missoula, 09:30:20; 15. Brita Schenellerh, Missoula, 09:32:07.

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