Class AA

Team scores: Kalispell Flathead 288, Bozeman 222, Billings Skyview 181.5, Billings Senior 141.5, Great Falls 140, Missoula Sentinel 113, Helena Capital 112, Butte 104, Missoula Big Sky-Loyola Sacred Heart 94, Billings West 74.5, Helena 63, Great Falls CMR 62, Kalispell Glacier 45.5, Missoula Hellgate 13.

Individual results


First place: Alejandro Madrid, Senior, dec. Gentry Lamb, Skyview, 8-5.

Third place: Tayt Rogers, Bozeman, dec. Tilynne Vasquez, Flathead, 8-2.

Fifth place: Brendan Barnes, Flathead, dec. Dre Coles, Great Falls, 7-2.


First place: Isaac Romero, Helena, p. Jaiden James, Bozeman, 5:51.

Third place: Trevin Weizien, Big Sky, p. Bryce Shaffer, Flathead, 2:51.

Fifth place: Easton Shupe, Great Falls, dec. RJ Low Dog, West, 2-1.


First place: Sterling Quinn, Bozeman, dec. Gabe Tierney, Butte, 4-3.

Third place: Tyler Coddington, Capital, major dec. Matthew Dewitt, Senior, 8-0

Fifth place: Dominic Battello, Flathead, won by injury default over Hayden Azure, Capital.


First place: Leif Schroeder, Bozeman, major dec. Austin Murphy, Helena, 11-1.

Third place: Carter Carroll, CMR, major dec. Jayden Ramirez, Senior, 12-0.

Fifth place: Caleb Partridge, Skyview, dec. Justin Kovalicky, Sentinel, 3-2.


First place: Charlie Klepps, Senior, major dec. Jaden MacNeil, Flathead, 13-5.

Third place: Reece Eckley, Sentinel, p. Braeden Lomas, Great Falls, 2:56.

Fifth place: Jose Rodriguez, Skyview, p. AJ Ekanger, Flathead, 2:03.


First place: Kai Stewart, CMR, dec. Hunter Meinzen, Big Sky, 6-5 (OT).

Third place: Brock Rodrigues, Bozeman, dec. Russell Wienholz, Great Falls, 3-1.

Fifth place: Lee Lambrecht, Capital, won by forfeit over Cam Hegel, Sentinel.


First place: Chance McLane, Bozeman, dec. Travis Schulte, Capital, 7-0.

Third place: Kyle Gordon, Big Sky, p. Tanner Tussell, Flathead, 4:39.

Fifth place: Caden Hilliard, Great Falls, d. Bridger Hall, Hellgate, 9-3.


First place: Jace Rhodes, West, dec. Keegan Mulhill, Bozeman, 4-3.

Third place: Kenyon Fretwell, Flathead, dec. Cade Kay, Skyview, 14-11.

Fifth place: Logan Tweddell, Skyview, won by forfeit over Kyle May, Big Sky.


First place: Jordan Komac, Great Falls, dec. Coy Cohenour, Bozeman, 9-4.

Third place: Carl Anderson, Butte, won by injury default over Connor Peterson, Skyview.

Fifth place: Garrett Rieke, Flathead, p. Mason Corcoran, Big Sky, 0:48.


First place: Payton Hume, Flathead, major dec. Brock Bushfield, Skyview, 11-1.

Third place: Jacob Fritzler, Senior, dec. Kobe Moreno, Butte, 3-1.

Fifth place: Colby Martin, Flathead, dec. Trent Helman, Skyview, 6-2.


First place: Tucker Nadeau, Flathead, p. Dylan Goforth, Sentinel, 3:30.

Third place: Brandon Cooper, Bozeman, dec. Camrin Doty, Sentinel, 4-3.

Fifth place: Brenner Bushfield, Skyview, dec. Kameron Moreno, Butte, 7-6.


First place: Jarret Leinwand, Senior, dec. Bryar Newbary, Sentinel, 6-5 (OT).

Third place: Connor LaRocque, Great Falls, dec. Seth Jensen, Capital, 8-6.

Fifth place: Hunter Wellcome, Flathead, dec. Noah Thomas, Skyview, 9-7.


First place: Michael Lee, Flathead, dec. Alex Paull, Flathead, 3-2 (OT).

Third place: Levi Malcom, West, p. Jeff Queer, Butte, 2:37.

Fifth place: Justin Jenks, Capital, dec. KC Buday, CMR, 13-6.

Class A

Team scores: Sidney-Fairview 250, Havre 188, Lewistown 185, Polson 134, Frenchtown 130, Glendive 117.5, Hardin 110, Columbia Falls 108, Ronan 70, Hamilton-Darby 66, Libby-Troy 53.5, Dillon-Twin Bridges-Sheridan 42.5, Miles City 39.5, Belgrade 38, Browning 30.5, Laurel 29, Billings Central 23, Stevensville-Victor 20, Corvallis 17, Livingston 16, Butte Central 15, Whitefish 10.

Individual results


First place: Kaiden Cline, Sidney, dec. Wyatt Mager, Lewistown, 8-4.

Third place: Trapper Mcallister, Ronan def. Eli Warner, Frenchtown 6-1.

Fifth place: Mick Chagnon, Havre def. Landon Stewart, Frenchtown, forfeit.


First place: Cooper Birdwell, Lewistown, dec. Buddy Doolin, Libby, 7-3.

Third place: Mateo Quinones, Polson def. Cameron Pleninger, Havre, 6-2.

Fifth place: Rene Pierre, Polson pinned Walker Dyer, Frenchtown, 2:33.


First place: Jake Bibler, Frenchtown, major dec. Damian Leidholt, Miles City, 10-0.

Third place: Kade Graves, Sidney def. Ryan Stewart, Havre, 2-1.

Fifth place: Spencer Stagg, Ronan def. Quin Reno, Havre, 8-3.


First place: Caleb Birdwell, Lewistown, dec. Christian Dean, Sidney, 4-2.

Third place: Michael Golden, Hamilton def. Keagan Campbell, Laurel, forfeit.

Fifth place: Clay Fisher, Butte Central def. Marc Ramirez, Havre, 6-5.


First place: John Mears, Belgrade, dec. Bridger Wenzel, Polson, 9-2.

Third place: Lane Paulson, Havre pinned Ethan Boyce, Billings Central, 3:44.

Fifth place: Waylon Van Buren, Sidney md. Brandon Thomas, Columbia Falls, 10-0.


First place: Riley Gurr, Frenchtown, p. Jace Winter, Sidney, 4:45.

Third place: Bridger Williams, Hamilton pinned Hunter Peterson, Ronan, 1:50.

Fifth place: Treyvn Nave, Lewistown pinned Offenbacher, Libby-Troy, 2:15.


First place: Martin Wilkie, Havre, dec. Ben Stortz, Glendive, 8-2.

Third place: Cameron Brown, Polson pinned Jace Johnson, Sidney, 2:31.

Fifth place: Kyler Pancake, Stevensville def. Nathan Hader, Columbia Falls, 7-5.


First place: Bryce Roan, Hardin, p. Parker Adler, Polson, 5:24.

Third place: Connor Harris, Havre pinned Cooper Hoffman, Dillon, 5:34.

Fifth place: Chase Farrar, Lewistown def. Brandon Held, Glendive 6-1.


First place: Brent Tezak, Dillon, dec. Tyler Capp, Glendive, 9-4.

Third place: Jett Jones, Sidney def. Avery Gurney, Sidney 4-0.

Fifth place: Michael Edwards, Frenchtown def. Landon Farrar, Lewistown, 9-7.


First place: Ben Windauer, Columbia Falls, p. Alex Wickens, Lewistown, 1:38.

Third place: Hunter Fritsch, Polson def. Trevor Dean, Sidney, 4-2.

Fifth place: Mason Dione, Havre def. Brenden Roan, Hardin, injury default.


First place: Justin Zier, Hardin, p. Wyatt Blythe, Lewistown, 2:23.

Third place: Nelson Crisafulli, Glendive def. Gidion Herbel, Hardin 10-8.

Fifth place: Justin Mays, Ronan def. Shane Gibson, Livingston, 4-4 OT, criteria.


First place: Tyler Schaub, Havre, dec. Will Caprata, Hardin, 4-2.

Third place: Sawyor Thorgerson, Sidney def. Kyle Anderson, Hamilton 5-2.

Fifth place: Brady Boyce, Lewistown pinned Jakob Freeman, Columbia Falls.


First place: Ryan Horner, Sidney, p. Keegan Mires, Glendive, 5:59.

Third place: Taylor Gladeau, Columbia Falls pinned Wacey Zuback, Browning, 3:00.

Fifth place: Kyle Koski, Columbia Falls def. Jesse Mecham, Frenchtown, injury default.

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Class B-C

Team scores: Colstrip 196, Eureka 127.5, Glasgow 120.5, Huntley Project 101.5, Forsyth 89, Thompson Falls 88.5, Malta-Whitewater 88, Circle 80, Florence 80, Jefferson 75, Townsend 65.5, Shepherd 63, St. Ignatius-Charlo 60, Plains-Hot Springs 56.5, Whitehall 54, Chinook 43, Valier 36, Wolf Point 32.5, Baker 26, Columbus-Absarokee 24, Choteau 23.5, Fairfield 23, Harlem 23, Poplar 22, Cascade 20, Superior-Alberton 15, Cut Bank 14, Arlee 13, Fort Benton-Big Sandy 12, Great Falls Central 12, Shelby 11, Simms 6, Broadus 5, Highwood 3, Anaconda 1, Belt 0, Manhattan 0, Deer Lodge 0, Three Forks 0.

Individual results


First place: Camron Reilly, Forsyth, dec. Clayton Donally, Huntley Project, 3-2.

Third place: Krayle Stormer, Circle pinned Sam Lane, Townsend, 2:39.

Fifth place: Dawson Powers, Whitehall pinned Rebecca Stroh, Chinook, 1:38.


First place: Gunnar Smith, Eureka, dec. Tanner Cook, Shepherd, 4-1.

Third place: Dylan Riphenburg, Fairfield def. Matt Connelly, Valier, 3-1.

Fifth place: Trisetan Kemp, Wolf Point, pinned Walker Murphy, St. Ignatius-Charlo, 2:30.


First place: Kaleb Frank, Thompson Falls, dec. Nathan Schmidt, Eureka, 2-1.

Third place: Colten Fast, Glasgow def. Dawson Buckalew, Colstrip 4-2.

Fifth place: Keagan Thompson, Glasgow def. Conrad Vanderwall, Plains-Hot Springs, 3-0.


First place: Daniel Uli, Plains, dec. Oden Hallock, Glasgow, 7-1.

Third place: Kaden Zimmerman, Glasgow pinned Lincoln Stormer, Circle, 3:58.

Fifth place: Easton Held, Townsend def. Josh Pepos, Cascade, 2-1.


First place: Nathan Weber, Forsyth, dec. Hank Dunn, Eureka, 6-2.

Third place: Matt Reyling, Glasgow def. Rylin Burns, Colstrip 4-0.

Fifth place: Pete Henderson, Choteau def. Josiah Vanderwall, Plains-Hot Springs, 8-6.


First place: Jackson Currier, Colstrip, major dec. Trey Taylor, Circle, 12-3.

Third place: Trey Simanton, Malta def. Avery Meinzen, Florence-Carlton 6-0.

Fifth place: Darwin Adams, St. Ignatius-Charlo pinned Jacob Travis, Jefferson 4:56.


First place: Michael Weber, Forsyth, p. Jethro Thorne, Florence, 0:44.

Third place: Kaden Moore, Malta pinned Quinn Whitmus, Wolf Point, 3:03.

Fifth place: Dylan Raihl, Columbus-Absarokee def. Wyatt Brusven, Shelby 6-0.l


First place: Ty Bradley, Colstrip, dec. Matthew Middleton, Huntley Project, 5-4.

Third place: Kameron Rauser, Townsend pinned Peyton Irvine, Thompson Falls 2:29.

Fifth place: Ceaton Mears, Malta pinned James Fehr, Eureka :56.


First place: Dalton Herbst, Baker, won by injury default over Nate Brunett, Jefferson.

Third place: Cody Blaede, Colstrip def. Jonathan Schmidt, Eureka, injury default.

Fifth place: JR Seewald, Cut Bank, def. Kameron Powell, Shepherd 9-6.


First place: Nakoda Siegel, Colstrip, p. Dylan Nieskens, Glasgow, 1:56.

Third place: Jase Sorenson, Thompson Falls pinned Sonny Cochran, Shepherd 1:55.

Fifth place: Dan Miller, Florence-Carlton pinned Dylan Monroe, Valier 2:06.


First place: Garrett Graves, Eureka, dec. Spencer Jones, Florence, 12-9

Third place: Wyatt Selman, Huntley Project def. Gustav Wenz, Shepherd 6-5.

Fifth place: Gus Bosley, St. Ignatius-Charlo md. Travis Epperson, Malta 14-6.


First place: Blaine Buchanan, Huntley Project, dec. Trey Yates, Colstrip, 7-1.

Third place: Reubin Swenson, Chinook pinned Austin Cooper, Thompson Falls, 2:13.

Fifth place: Nick Workman, Jefferson pinned Luke Lawless, Malta, 1:18.


First place: Merlin Whitedirt, Colstrip, p. Dawson Hoerauf, Whitehall, 3:06.

Third place: Kyle Schillinger, Circle, def. Trey Pribbernow, Poplar, 3-1.

Fifth place: Curtis Humphreys, Harlem, pinned Trevor Yuhas, Great Falls Central 1:34.

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