Divisional pairings

Eastern A at Lewistown

(4 teams advance)


Laurel def. Havre 3-2

Miles City def. Sidney 3-1


Billings Central def. Laurel 3-0

Belgrade def. Miles City 3-0

Lewistown def. Glendive 3-2

Hardin def. Livingston 3-1

Sidney def. Laurel 3-2, loser out

Miles City def. Havre 3-1, loser out


Livingston def. Sidney 3-1, loser out

Glendive def. Miles City 3-0, loser out

Billings Central def. Lewistown 3-0

Belgrade def. Hardin 3-0

Lewistown def. Livingston, 3-2, loser out

Glendive def. Hardin 3-2, loser out

Central def. Belgrade 3-1, undefeated semifinal


Lewistown def. Glendive 3-0, loser fourth place

Belgrade def. Lewistown 3-0, loser third place

Billings Central def. Belgrade 3-0, championship

Western A at Butte

(4 team advance)


Corvallis def. Polson 3-0

Columbia Falls def. Hamilton 3-1

Whitefish def. Stevensville 3-2

Libby def. Frenchtown 3-0

Corvallis def. Columbia Falls 3-0

Libby def. Whitefish 3-1


Hamilton def. Polson 3-1, loser out

Stevensville def. Frenchtown 3-0, loser out

Whitefish def. Hamilton 3-1, loser out

Stevensville def. Columbia Falls 3-0, loser out

Libby def. Corvallis 3-2, undefeated semifinal

Whitefish def Stevensville 3-1, loser fourth place


Corvallis def. Whitefish 3-0, loser third place

Corvallis def. Libby 3-2, first championship

Corvallis def. Libby 3-1, second championship

Southern B at Red Lodge

(4 teams advance)


Jefferson def. Colstrip 3-2

Huntley Project def. Manhattan 3-0

Three Forks def. Baker 3-0

Joliet def. Forsyth 3-2

Huntley Project def. Jefferson 3-1

Three Forks def. Joliet 3-0


Colstrip def. Manhattan 3-0, loser out

Forsyth def. Baker 3-0, loser out

Joliet def. Colstrip 3-2, loser out

Jefferson def. Forsyth 3-1, loser out

Huntley Project def. Three Forks 3-1, undefeated semifinal

Joliet def. Jefferson 3-0, loser fourth place


Three Forks def. Joliet 3-1, loser third place

Huntley Project def. Three Forks 3-0, championship

Northern B at Malta

(2 teams advance)


Wolf Point def. Cut Bank 3-2

Fairfield def. Malta 3-1

Choteau def. Harlem 3-0

Shelby def. Glasgow 3-0

Fairfield def. Wolf Point 3-1

Shelby def. Choteau 3-2


Malta def. Cut Bank 3-0, loser out

Harlem vs. Glasgow def. Harlem 3-0, loser out

Choteau def. Malta 3-0, loser out

Wolf Point def. Glasgow 3-1, loser out

Shelby def. Fairfield 3-2, undefeated semifinal

Choteau def. Wolf Point 3-0, loser fourth place


Fairfield def. Choteau 3-2, loser third place

Shelby def. Fairfield 3-1, championship

Western B at Eureka

(2 teams advance)


Eureka def. Missoula Loyola 3-0

Deer Lodge def. Troy 3-2

Florence def. Thompson Falls 3-0

Bigfork def. Anaconda 3-0

Eureka def. Deer Lodge 3-1

Florence def. Bigfork 3-0


Loyola def. Troy 3-2, loser out

Anaconda def. Thompson Falls 3-0, loser out

Bigfork def. Loyola 3-0, loser out

Deer Lodge def Anaconda 3-0., loser out

Florence def. Eureka 3-0, undefeated semifinal

Deer Lodge def. Bigfork 3-2, loser fourth place


Eureka def. Deer Lodge, loser third place

Florence def. Eureka 3-0, championship

Southern C at Laurel

(2 teams advance)


Bridger def. Hobson-Moore-Judith-Gap 3-1

Custer-Hysham def. Grass Range-Winnett 3-2

Roy-Winifred def. Absarokee 3-0

Reed Point-Rapelje def. Harlowton 3-2

Bridger def. Custer-Hysham 3-0

Roy-Winifred def. Reed Point-Rapelje 3-2


Grass Range-Winnett def. Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap 3-0, loser out

Harlowton def. Absarokee 3-0, loser out

Grass Range-Winnett def. Reed Point-Rapelje 3-2, loser out

Custer-Hysham def. Harlowton, 3-0, loser out

Bridger def Roy-Winifred 3-0, undefeated semifinal

Custer-Hysham def. Grass Range-Winnett 3-2, loser fourth place


Roy-Winifred def. Custer-Hysham 3-0, loser third place

Bridger def. Roy-Winifred 3-0, championship

Eastern C at Sidney

(2 teams advance)


Savage def. Ekalaka 3-0

Scobey def. Broadus 3-0

Wibaux def. Froid-Lake 3-1

Fairview def. Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale 3-0

Scobey def. Savage 3-0

Wibaux def Fairview 3-1


Ekalaka def. Broadus 3-1, loser out

Froid-Lake def. Saco-Whitewater-Hinsdale 3-0, 11:30 a.m., loser out

Ekalaka def. Fairview 3-1, loser out

Froid-Lake def. Savage 3-1, loser out

Wibaux def. Scobey 3-2, undefeated semifinal

Froid-Lake def. Ekalaka 3-2, loser fourth place


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Scobey def. Froid-Lake 3-1, loser third place

Wibaux def. Scobey 3-1, championship

Western C at Churchill

(2 team advance)


Gardiner def. Twin Bridges 3-1

Arlee def. Clark Fork 3-2

Plains def. Seeley-Swan 3-0

Ennis def. Manhattan Christian 3-0

Gardiner def. Arlee 3-0

Ennis def. Plains 3-0


Twin Bridges def. Clark Fork 3-1, loser out

Manhattan Christian def. Seeley-Swan 3-0, loser out

Plains def. Twin Bridges 3-2, loser out

Manhattan Christian Arlee 3-0, loser out

Ennis def. Gardiner 3-0, undefeated semifinal

Plains def. Manhattan Christian 3-0, loser fourth place


Gardiner def. Plains 3-0, loser third place

Ennis def. Gardiner 3-1, championship

Northern C at Chinook

(2 teams advance)


Chinook def. Simms 3-2

Great Falls Central def. Chester-Joplin-Inverness 3-0

Belt def. Power 3-0

North Star def. Fort Benton 3-2

Great Falls Central def. Chinook 3-0

Belt def. North Star 3-0


Simms def. Chester-Joplin-Inverness 3-0, loser out

Fort Benton def. Power 3-1, loser out

Simms def. North Star 3-0, loser out

Fort Benton def. Chinook, 3-2, loser out

Belt def. Great Falls Central 3-1, undefeated semifinal


Simms def. Fort Benton 3-1, loser fourth place

Great Falls Central def. Simms 3-0, loser third place

Great Falls Central def. Belt 3-2, first championship

Belt def. Great Falls Central 3-1, second championship

State tournaments

Nov. 9-11

Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, Bozeman

Class AA

First round

Match 1: Missoula Sentinel (21-1) vs. Great Falls (9-14), 10 a.m.

Match 2: Helena (14-7) vs. Bozeman (12-11), noon

Match 3: Billings Senior (29-0) vs. Kalispell Glacier (13-10), 2 p.m.

Match 4: Billings West (19-10) vs. Helena Capital (18-6), 4 p.m.

Class A

First round

Match 1: Billings Central vs. Stevensville, 10 a.m.

Match 2: Libby vs. Lewistown, noon

Match 3: Belgrade vs. Whitefish, 2 p.m.

Match 4: Corvallis vs. Glendive, 4 p.m.

Class B

First round

Match 1: Florence vs. Jefferson, 10 a.m.

Match 2: Huntley Project vs. Fairfield, noon

Match 3: Shelby vs. Joliet, 2 p.m.

Match 4: Three Forks vs. Eureka, 4 p.m.

Class C

First round

Match 1: Wibaux vs. Roy-Winifred, 10 a.m.

Match 2: Ennis vs. Great Falls Central, noon

Match 3: Bridger vs. Gardiner, 2 p.m.

Match 4: Belt vs. Scobey, 4 p.m.


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