Southwestern A

(4 teams advance)


Frenchtown def. Dillon 3-1, 2 p.m.

Stevensville def. Butte Central 3-2

Corvallis def. Frenchtown 3-0, semifinal

Hamilton def. Stevensville 3-0, semifinal


Frenchtown def. Butte Central 3-2.

Hamilton def. Dillon 3-0

Hamilton def. Frenchtown 3-2, third place

Corvallis def. Stevensville 3-0, championship

Northwestern A at Browning


Polson def. Ronan 3-1

Columbia Falls def. Browning 3-0

Libby def. Polson 3-0

Columbia Falls def. Whitefish 3-1


Polson def. Browning 3-1, loser out

Whitefish def. Ronan 3-0, loser out

Whitefish def. Polson 3-0, third place

Libby def. Columbia Falls 3-2, championship

1B at Choteau

(4 teams advance)


Cut Bank def. Conrad 3-2

Fairfield def. Rocky Boy 3-0

Choteau def. Cut Bank 3-0

Shelby def. Fairfield 3-0

Cut Bank def. Rocky Boy 3-0, loser out

Conrad def. Fairfield 3-0, loser out

Choteau def. Shelby 3-1, undefeated semifinal


Fairfield def. Cut Bank, 3-0,  loser fourth place

Fairfield def. Shelby,  3-1, loser third place

Choteau def. Fairfield 3-2, championship

2B at Glasgow

(4 teams advance)


Harlem def. Poplar 3-1

Wolf Point def. Malta 3-1

Glasgow def. Harlem 3-0

Malta def. Poplar 3-0, loser out

Glasgow def. Wolf Point 3-1, undefeated semifinal

Malta def. Harlem 3-0, loser fourth place


Wolf Point def. Malta 3-0, third place

Match 8: Glasgow def Wolf Point, 3-2, championship

Match 9: Second championship, if necessary, 4 p.m.

3B at Forsyth

(3 teams advance)


St. Labre def. Lodge Grass, 3-0

Baker def. Lame Deer 3-0

Colstrip def. St. Labre 3-0

Forsyth def. Baker 3-1

St. Labre def. Lame Deer, loser out

Baker def. Lodge Grass, loser out

Colstrip def. Forsyth 3-1


Baker def. St. Labre, 3-0, loser fourth place

Forsyth def. Baker 3-1, loser third place

Colstrip def. Forsyth 3-1, championship

4B at Huntley Project

(2 teams advance)


Roundup def. Columbus 3-1

Red Lodge def. Shepherd 3-0

Huntley Project def. Roundup 3-0

Joliet def. Red Lodge 3-1

Roundup def. Shepherd 3-0, loser out

Red Lodge def. Columbus 3-0, loser out


Huntley Project def. Joliet 3-0, undefeated semifinal

Red Lodge def. Roundup 3-0, loser fourth place

Joliet def. Red Lodge 3-0, loser third place

Huntley Project def. Joliet 3-2, championship

5B at Belgrade

(3 teams advance)


Manhattan def. Townsend, loser finishes fourth

Three Forks def. Jefferson 3-2, undefeated semfinal

Jefferson def. Manhattan 3-0, loser third place

Three Forks def. Jefferson 3-1, championship

1C at Plentywood


Savage def. Culbertson 3-0

Plentywood def. Bainville 3-0

Fairview def. Richey-Lambert 3-0

Froid-Lake def, Westby Grenora 3-1

Savage def. Plentywood 3-2

Froid-Lake def. Fairview 3-0


Bainville def. Culbertson 3-0, loser-out

Westby-Grenora def. Richey-Lambert 3-0, loser-out

Fairview def. Bainville 3-0, loser-out

Plentywood def. Westby-Grenora 3-1, loser-out

Savage def. Froid-Lake 3-1, unbeaten semifinal

Fairview def. Plentywood 3-0, loser fourth place


Fairview def. Froid-Lake 3-0, loser third place

Savage def. Fairview 3-0, championship

2C at Glendive

(3 teams advance)


Circle def. Terry 3-0 

Ekalaka def. Jordan 3-0

Broadus def. Northern Cheyenne 3-0

Wibaux def. Circle 3-0

Broadus def. Ekalaka 3-2 

Jordan def. Northern Cheyenne, loser out


Ekalaka def. Terry 3-1, loser out

Circle def. Jordan 3-1, loser out

Wibaux def. Broadus 3-0, undefeated semifinal. 

Ekalaka def. Circle 3-0

Ekalaka def. Broadus 3-1, 3rd place

Wibaux def. Ekalaka 3-0, championship 

3C at Scobey

(2 teams advance)


Scobey def. Nashua-Opheim 3-0

North Country def. Lustre Christian 3-1 

Scobey def. North Country, 3-1

Lustre Christian def. Nashua-Opheim 3-0 loser out


North Country def. Lustre Christian 3-2, loser third place

Scobey def. North Country 3-0, championship

4C at Absarokee

(4 teams advance)


Fromberg def. Belfry 3-2

Custer-Hysham def. Park City 3-1

Reed Point-Rapelje def. Plenty Coups 3-0

Bridger def. Fromberg 3-0

Roberts def. Absarokee 3-1

Reed Point-Rapelje def. Custer-Hysham 3-0 

Bridger def. Roberts 3-0


Plenty Coups def. Park City 3-2, loser out

Roberts def. Fromberg 3-0, loser out

Absarokee def. Plenty Coups 3-1, loser out

Custer-Hysham def. Roberts, 3-0, loser out

Bridger def. Reed Point-Rapelje 3-0, undefeated semifinal 

Custer-Hysham def. Absarokee 3-0, loser fourth place 


Reed Point-Rapelje def. Custer-Hysham 3-2, third place

Bridger def. Reed Point-Rapelje 3-0, championship 

5C at Harlowton

(4 teams advance)


Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap def. Denton-Geyser-Stanford 3-0

Harlowton def. Broadview-Lavina 3-0

Grass Range-Winnett def. Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap 3-0

Roy-Winifred def. Harlowton 3-2

Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap def. Broadview-Lavina 3-0, loser out

Harlowton def. Denton-Geyser-Stanford, 3-0, loser out


Roy-Winifred def. Grass Range-Winnett 3-1, undefeated semifinal

Match 8: Harlowton def. Hobson-Moore-Judith Gap 3-0, fourth place

Grass Range-Winnett def. Harlowton, 3-1 third place 

Grass Range-Winnett def. Roy-Winifred 3-2, 1st championship

Roy-Winifred def. Grass Range-Winnett 3-0, 2nd championship

6C East at Chester-Joplin-Inverness


(3 teams advance)

Box Elder def. Big Sandy 3-0

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CJI def. Hays-Lodgepole 3-0

North Star def. Box Elder 3-1

CJI def. Chinook 3-1

Box Elder def. Hays-Lodgepole 3-0, loser-out

Chinook def. Big Sandy 3-0, loser out


North Star def. CJI 3-2, undefeated semifinal

Chinook def. Box Elder 3-0, loser fourth place

CJI def. Chinook 3-0, loser third place

North Star def. CJI 3-1, championship

6C West at Dutton-Brady

(3 teams advance)


Dutton-Brady def. Augusta 3-0

Power def. Heart Butte 3-0

Valier def. Sunburst 3-0

Simms def. Dutton-Brady 3-0

Power def. Valier 3-0

Heart Butte def. Sunburst 3-0, loser out


Valier def. Augusta 3-1, loser out

Dutton-Brady def. Heart Butte 3-0, loser out

Simms def. Power 3-1, undefeated semifinal

Valier def. Dutton-Brady 3-2, loser fourth place

Power def. Valier, 3-2, loser third place

Simms def. Power 3-0, championship

11C at Manhattan Christian

(2 teams advance)


Manhattan Christian def. West Yellowstone 3-0

White Sulphur Springs def. Shields Valley 3-0

Manhattan Christian def. Lone Peak 3-2

Gardiner def. White Sulphur Springs 3-0

Lone Peak def. Shields Valley 3-0, loser out

White Sulphur Springs def. West Yellowstone 3-1, loser out


Gardiner def. Manhattan Christian 3-0, undefeated semifinal

Lone Peak def. White Sulpur Springs 3-0, loser fourth place

Manhattan Christian def. Lone Peak 3-0, loser third place

Gardiner def. Manhattan Christian 3-0, championship

12C at Philipsburg

(2 teams advance)


Drummond def. Lima 3-0

Philipsburg def. Sheridan 3-0

Twin Bridges def. Harrison-Willow Creek

Ennis def. Drummond 3-0

Twin Bridges def. Philipsburg 3-1

Sheridan def. Harrison-Willow Creek 3-0


Match 8: Drummond vs. Sheridan, loser out

Match 9: Lima vs. Philipsburg, loser out (at Drummond)

Match 10: Match 8 winner vs. Match 9 winner, loser finishes fourth

Match 11: Match 10 winner vs. Match 7 loser, loser finishes third

Match 12: Match 7 winner vs. Match 11 winner, championship

Match 13: Second championship, if necessary, 30 min. after previous match

13C at Valley Christian

(2 teams advance)


Darby def. Victor 3-0

Lincoln def. Valley Christian 3-0

Clark Fork def. Darby 3-1

Seeley-Swan def. Lincoln 3-0

Darby def. Valley Christian 3-1, loser out

Victor def. Lincoln 3-0, loser out


Seeley-Swan def. Clark Fork 3-2, undefeated semifinal

Darby def. Victor 3-1, loser fourth place

Clark Fork def. Darby 3-0, loser third place

Seeley-Swan def. Clark Fork 3-2, championship

14C at Charlo

(2 teams advance)


Noxon def. Hot Springs 3-2

Arlee def. St. Regis 3-0

Charlo def. Noxon 3-2

Arlee def. Plains 3-1


Plains def. Hot Springs 3-0, loser out

 Noxon def. St. Regis 3-1, loser out

Arlee def. Charlo 3-2, undefeated semifinal

Plains def. Noxon 3-1, loser finishes fourth

Plains def. Charlo 3-2, loser finishes third

Arlee def. Plains 3-1, championship


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