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Helena's Leah Esposito is going solo this weekend, traveling to Spokane to run her first steeplechase.

Leah Esposito gets to fulfill a desire this weekend in Spokane.

She’s the only Saint traveling to take part in the War X track meet. The reason? She wanted to run her first ever steeplechase.

Spokane is the only meet where Esposito could try out the event and give it a practice run. Esposito has been a mainstay on the track and in the Saints’ cross country program since her freshman year at Carroll.

“She’s been wanting to do it for years,” coach Harry Clark said. “But she’s been so good at the 1,500 and that stuff. This year, we’re going to let her do it. She’ll qualify in the 1,500 in any meet. It’s something that she’s always wanted to do.”

Clark said his team originally planned on fully competing at the meet, but April weather in Spokane often leads to questionable performance conditions.

“I’ve been at that meet for 14 to 15 years in a row and it’s always rainy,” Clark said. “I’m going to save money out of my budget and not go to this meet.”

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Esposito will travel with her mother to Spokane and compete on Saturday. Clark said he offered to send a coach with her, but Esposito declined the gesture.

“I told her I’d send a coach, she said, Nnah, I’m good,’” Clark said.

The Saints’ next meet is in Billings on April 13.


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