The Keller Williams Team

Craig Stevens (Team Manager), Andy Onushco (Realtor, 646-6310), Mel Carlin (Buyers Specialists, 422-2873) & Freyja Bell

(Buyers Specialist, 461-8588)

There is a deep longing inside each of us for a place to call home. Home is where you look forward to returning to at the end of each day, or to cook Thanksgiving dinner in, or watch your son or daughter take their first steps. Home is where dreams are fulfilled, families are born, and love is abundant.

Broker—Andy Onushco, of Keller Williams Capital Realty recently assembled a small but passionate realty group dedicated to finding that perfect home for their clients.

Onushco has been investing in real estate for over 20 years and has worked as a Keller Williams agent and broker for the past five years. He was initially attracted to Keller Williams because of their reputable training programs and profit sharing. This past February, Training Magazine named Keller Williams as the number one training organization in the world.

After a few years with Keller Williams, Onushco realized that he could deliver better customer service to his clients and further grow his own business by building a team. Rounding off Onushco’s team are Craig Stevens, acting as the chief operating officer, and realtors Freyja Bell and Mel Carlin. Stevens is responsible for the team’s day to day operations like scheduling, budgeting, marketing, and logistics. Both Bell and Carlin are fairly new realtors but each brings their own unique blend of knowledge and experience to the group.

Bell’s desire to join the industry stemmed from her love of working with people and offering exceptional customer service. “This team is awesome and has made it less scary to jump into the industry,” said Bell. “Everyone brings something different to the table…it’s a really good balance.” 

In joining Keller Williams, Carlin brought with her 15 years of prior experience in the lending and title business, which she feels makes her a well-rounded agent.  “I love helping people find the perfect house,” said Carlin. “Everyone has a different view of what constitutes a perfect house…I like the challenge of trying to figure that out.”

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While Carlin and Bell are Buyers’ Agents, Onushco’s primary focus and passion is working with sellers and investment properties. He explained loving the strategic nature of it and how everyone has different objectives depending on their current situation. 

“It’s a bit of an addiction,” said Onushco of the real estate business. “I love helping people make one of the largest financial decisions of their life and finding their perfect home or realize their investment objectives. It’s really rewarding.”

Onushco explained that being at Keller Williams is not just about a paycheck—its’ a very “intimate” job. “You’re there for people, often during some really personal situations,” he said. “That requires building trust and being available.” 


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