Sarah Vulk-Kelly, of Helena

I think we have a real challenge ahead of us. I just don’t know if a lot of our politicians are directing their sights on what the goals are. It’s hard to take some of the politicians seriously about what their true goals are for our country. I don’t know if on either side we have that. I just wish we had some politicians who had some real, true views on what our country needs to thrive and grow. I don’t know if some of them think this is a joke. It takes a great deal of responsibility. We have candidates with potential. I’m not going to say they’re good or bad. They’ve all got potential. But if you don’t have a Congress working with them it’s not good. If we don’t get Congress and the president on the same page, we’re going to be sunk. I just want to see a president who will help our country continue to grow and prosper. If we don’t have that, it doesn’t matter who is in there.

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