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Montana Internet Corporation


1424 National Ave
Helena, MT 59601
Last Updated: August 28, 2017


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About Montana Internet Corporation

Welcome to Montana Internet

Montana Internet is recognized as the premier internet provider in the greater Helena, Great Falls, and Lewistown areas for two simple reasons. Since 1994, we have offered cutting edge technology along with the very best in customer service, provided by Montana natives who truly care about their neighbors. We take great pride in offering a variety of technologies, all designed to meet our customer’s needs. We provide broadband access via wireless microwave technologies, along with DSL service for areas in western Montana, such as Butte, Hamilton, Havre, and Dillon.

From the greater Helena area to Boulder, Townsend, Ulm and all points in-between you can rely on Montana Internet for fast and reliable connectivity. We are currently looking towards the future by bringing the fiber revolution to Helena. Stop by WWW.HELENAWANTSFIBER.COM to learn more.


Second location located in Great Falls

1601 2nd Ave N #102, Great Falls, MT 59401




“I never have issues with this internet. It's fast and works great for the Xbox One AND Netflix. The customer service I have received is amazing. They are welcoming and truly care about resolving whatever the issue is as quick as they can. I highly recommend Montana Internet! ”

-Maegen Blaquiere Krueger

“Perhaps the best "utility" service ever! Effective technology, and only getting even better. Best customer service. No contest with other internet services - a clear choice for the services we need an expect.”

-Pete Carparelli

“We have had Montana Internet since they started ! I stream videos on Netflix and Amazon and it's awesome ! Always great customer service and QUICK to resolve a problem ! I will never switch, EVER!!”

-Kathy Gummere


“Montana Internet has been our internet provider for probably 20 years. To say we are happy with them would be a HUGE understatement! They are local & have given great care to our business & home internet. I truly hope they will be able to provide Internet service when we move up above York! Thanks!”

-Tia Nelson

“We had Montana Internet for many years and I was very satisfied with it. My husband decided to change to Global. Not only was it a lot more expensive, but we had a lot of "no internet connection" messages which only got worse over time. We switched back to Montana Internet a few months ago and always have an internet connection!”


Montana Internet

1424 National Avenue • Helena, MT 59601


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