Be careful what you wish for!

Your wishes have come true if you have ever voted for a legislator that supports less government.

Less government looks like closed state offices, delay in processing claims and paperwork, difficulty in getting services, bad roads, poorly administered wildlife, crumbling bridges, no help for the low income, outlandish tuition, no food for the hungry, and no responses to your questions because state employees were furloughed or laid off. Less government means less access to public services.

The problem is simple – you get what you pay for. If the public is not willing to pay for services and programs that we need, we simply won’t have those services and programs. If you elect legislators that won’t fund services, you won’t have those services.

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If you want access to a state office in your county; if you want social services for those of us that need some help; if you want all our children fed, warm, and educated; if you want to get a person on the phone when you need help; if you want the Montana lifestyle that we love, then don't support less government.

Valerie Clague



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