Since moving back to Helena two years ago, I have been grateful for Wilmot Collins' commitment to our city. Wilmot shares his perspective generously, whether he’s speaking of his experience as a refugee in Montana, serving on a panel about race and diversity in Helena, or presenting his platform as a Mayoral candidate. Leadership means stepping forward to take part in difficult conversations and Wilmot has proven that he is willing and able to do so gracefully. He is dedicated to improving Helena and will lean in to engage with important dialogue.

Incumbent Mayor Jim Smith is not interested in educating himself about issues that concern many of his constituents. He illustrated this clearly when he was asked to consider signing on to the Paris climate agreement. He initially disengaged, telling the Commission that he didn't understand much about the proposal and that he was "not gonna take the time to learn more about the truth of it."

We all deserve a leader who is committed to understanding and thoughtfully considering each issue that comes before the Commission. Please look to the future as you cast your ballot and support a true leader. Vote Wilmot Collins for Mayor.

Retta Leaphart

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