I live on the Gulch and there is a collective sense of outrage at the lack of decent snow removal and the simple neglect of most roads, making driving extremely dangerous and sometimes impossible (not to mention parking). Also, in my neighborhood, crossing Jackson has become a dark joke, because on a regular basis even cautious people are constantly falling down hard on the perpetually icy road. The economy of the Gulch, which is always struggling, suffers because people don't dare stop or park for fear of sliding or getting stuck on deeply rutted snow and ice covered roads.

Obviously, somebody is not doing their job, whoever is the decision-making person on this issue. If we need more men and trucks let's get more -- it is money well spent and will upgrade the quality of life in Helena. Many of us are literally held hostage in our homes because roads are impassible for days.

Bozeman has great snow removal, it can be done. We are the state capital, yet our snow culture is characterized by inaction, dangerous neglect and seeming indifference. We even seem willing to put our school children at risk on a regular basis because of dangerous roads. Why can't we do better?

Ruth McArdle 

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