I live in the county and will not be able to vote on the city commission, but they do effect me. I hope that the voters will look at what the current commission has accomplished.

The old mall was finally sold, but the current owner is going to sell instead of develop because there has been no growth in Helena.

Downtown businesses have customers that have to run and move their car because of parking regulations. Look at the large unoccupied buildings in town and downtown. The Costco area is such a cluster of traffic those that have to travel that road to go home or come to town either sit in traffic or take the long way around.

The current commission allowed themselves to be bullied into removing our history because they cannot look forward for solutions to today's problems, and did it without a public vote. I hope the city residents look long and hard at the current administration and ask: What is the fruit of their labor and has it helped Helena? Being a nice guy has not helped Helena grow and prosper.

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Let's get someone who wants to tackle today's problems.

Valarie Manolovits



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