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The argument in favor of splitting East Helena School District #9 off from the Helena High Schools and building a new high school in East Helena is a strange one. Promoters of the new school argue that East Helena children cannot adjust to being sent to a big high school. Never mind that all of the kids who go to Helena's high schools come from middle schools that aren't very different from the East Helena Middle School, and they all have to adjust to being in a bigger school. It's part of going into ninth grade. The argument is very disrespectful to the East Helena kids.

For that they want us to leave a perfectly good high school system and pony up a hefty property tax increase on top of the large county tax boosts we already have coming in the next few years.

I am perfectly willing to pay taxes for good causes. This is not a good cause. I will vote "No." I urge all other EHSD voters to do the same.

James Castro

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