Alabama' senatorial race is seemingly a cause for sober reflection rather than impulsive celebration. The underlying issue, how Judge Roy Moore was supported by nearly half the voting electorate in his state, needs to be examined in the context of an ongoing national crisis in our politics.

What is it about our present collective state of mind that encourages sexual miscreants, misogynists, xenophobes, uber wealth power brokers and the like to believe they are worthy of commanding the public trust?

Perhaps the same phenomenon that produces badly behaved kids who were never properly disciplined or properly loved. Perhaps it's the exaltation of wealth concentration, the inexplicable reverence for weaponry to "solve" conflicts, the indifference to the growing disparity between those who have and those who cannot, the fear mongering that we alone must police the world lest it turn on us, the depersonalization inherent in our techno toys.

It's probably all that and a lot more. Regardless, let's remain aware that there are Roy Moores in every state of the union waiting to be encouraged. We will do well to show them the door rather than the floor.

Randy Dix