We the people now live in the Divided States of America. We are divided by a president who has split our great country into pieces. How much more can our country stand until we say “that’s enough.” A Divided States of America is not what our founding fathers gave us when they thoughtfully wrote our Constitution.

We now have a president who is doing all he can to divide us with his daily tweets. He is what I call a captain who is sinking our ship. I served my country in the Navy and I trusted my ship’s captain not to sink our ship. People, do you want to be on a sinking ship? I know I don’t, and we need a new captain.

We need to impeach Donald Trump before he totally takes our country down. We have a president who is not fit to be our president.

We are on the verge of war with North Korea or maybe even World War III.

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You and I can help our country with a pen, ink and some paper. We need a new president and soon. Please save our country. We can do it together with the help of God’s long arm of justice.

Gary Hoffer



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