A few years ago I wrote a letter to the editor which was published in the IR . The preface to the letter was that I always liked the adage which says "lead, follow, or get out of the way" and also what I felt were the qualifications for a good leader (President Obama at that time). Those qualifications included vision, compassion, integrity, common sense, intelligence, among others. I indicated what I felt was the emergence of a new form of governance in the country and I called it "Know it all ism" with the main proponents being most often white, male, independently wealthy, supposedly religious, and Republican. Continuing with the original letter I said that the key tenet of "know it all ism" was that there was no need to know anything at all. Little did I know that Donald J. Trump would be elected President of the United States and my theory of "know it all ism" would be proven true. This man has taken "know it all ism" to a whole new level and now it has devolved into the new "ism" known as "trumpism." Now, the key tenet is still in place and even more prominent than it was in "know it all ism," in fact, if you seem to know something or you possess any of the qualifications of a good leader then "trumpism" is not for you.

We now have the chief "know it all ist" that planet earth has ever produced. "Only I can fix it" -- remember that? I guess the point of all this is that partisanship, "know it all ism," or "trumpism" will not work, will never work, and if we keep electing people like this we will become a country divided so deeply that the idea of equality, fairness, truth, will fail.

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Mick Plovanic



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