This is to officially say thank you to three kind gentlemen, that didn't know each other, or me; and they worked as a cohesive unit, to push my car out of a very slick parking spot on Thursday (Jan. 11), up by the courthouse in Helena.

I didn't get a chance to shake your hands and tell you personally, thank you at the time. So THANK YOU to the gentleman walking by with your shovel, THANK YOU to the gentleman that got out of your truck without being asked and THANK YOU to the gentleman in the white car driving by who stopped and helped. Your kindness and willingness to offer your assistance was very much appreciated. I was overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and help and wish I could have given each of you a big hug and thanked you in person.

All three of you are true gentlemen and I'm sure anyone that has the pleasure to know you, are very blessed and thankful. May God bless you for your kindness and giving without expecting anything in return.

Christine Burbank