I recently attended an administrative meeting for the City of Helena. My first impression was that the residents of Helena like myself need to thank Mayor Smith for his decade of service. The way he made sure members of the public, his department heads and city commissioners were heard, and respected, was not expected. Next time you see Mayor Smith, please thank him for the service he gave to our city. The City Commission makes ordinances to protect and help the citizens of our city find prosperity and be safe. I look forward to welcoming Mayor-Elect Wilmot Collins to his new role. The Helena Town Car Company made an offer for Mayor-Elect Collins to ride in our stretch limousine for the parade of lights kicking off the season. HTC protects customers and our professionally paid drivers with worker comp, paying taxes, and commercial and general liability insurance to ensure our passengers and employees are safe while traveling in Montana. It is our hope that Mayor Smith and Mayor-Elect Collins will make sure there is an even playing field and Montana citizens are protected by state laws when they travel this holiday season and afterwards. Our work together has just begun.

Michael Spreadbury