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Senator Tester has always been a champion for Montana veterans, and his due-diligence vetting Admiral Ronny Jackson for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs is no different.

He has a Constitutional duty to look into the every VA nominee to make certain they will do what is best for our veterans.

Tester did the right thing by disclosing the disturbing allegations.

Over 25 servicemembers went to Tester to raise their concerns because they knew he would defend them, despite the risk to their careers. Tester sharing that information is a Senator doing his job to protect the VA from incompetent leadership.

If we veterans want to keep our VA hospitals intact we have to fight for them.

Turnover at Fort Harrison (which I use), political games, and low morale are all plaguing the VA in Montana and hurting veterans. The VA needs a leader who is ready to hit the ground running -- not someone who will carry in baggage, is known for creating a toxic work environment and is lacking management experience.

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I want to thank Senator Tester for pushing for strong leadership at the VA and fighting for bills that will make the VA work for us.

Diane Carlson Evans, Army Nurse Corps, Vietnam



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