More than ever, we must remain aware to the fact our elected officials are easy targets for wealthy out-of-state dark-money interests. We are fortunate to have Billings attorney and consumer protection advocate John Heenan vying for our only U.S. House congressional seat.

In 2015, Montana Commissioner of Political Practices Jon Motl named Heenan as the state’s special attorney to prosecute Bozeman attorney Art Wittich, who was later found to have “illegally coordinated with nonprofit third-party political groups during his 2010 primary election campaign.” The jury’s verdict and Heenan’s hard work paid off. The decision sends the following message to Montana politicians: Montanans care to demand that you all comply with our campaign finance laws; and if you choose not to, we are brave enough to hold you accountable.

If we are to maintain a functioning democracy that’s for the people and by the people, we can’t have out-of-state monies coming into Montana, choosing our candidates and sponsoring them with dark money, which creates an unfair advantage over other candidates.

Montana’s open primary election is June 5. This will be your first chance to vote for Heenan. Vote progressive on June 5. Vote John Heenan.

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Andy Boyd



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