My 82-year-old mother lives in East Gate II in East Helena and when it snows she is the first one out, and with the help of neighbors tries hard to keep her sidewalks and driveway clear of ice and snow so she can get outside for exercise and to walk her dog. Many owners in East Gate II do the same thing. My complaint is with the snowplow that comes by and pushes ice and snow from the road back onto the sidewalks and driveway to make them impassable. Whoever runs the snowplows, whether the city, county or HOA, needs to show some concern for the homeowners, especially the elderly, who can't get out of their driveways or walk on the sidewalks after the snowplows come by. Snowplows should make it easier, not harder, to walk and drive in our communities.

Laureen Dordal

Shallotte, North Carolina