A recent letter to the IR focused on the often used condolence given to a person who has been in a difficult situation as being in our "thoughts and prayers," and the writer took exception to the value of prayer itself or the offering of it for the needs of others. If thoughts alone are enough to communicate one's sorrow or support, then the effort is well intended and beneficial. The same is true for a prayer offered as a blessing for one in need. When there is a balance between faith and reason (prayer and thoughtfulness), then there is also a harmony in the words and intentions offered by one person and for the other. In doing so, you realize that it is reasonable to seek the truth and share in its wisdom and, at the same time, seek the blessing and share in its grace.

If prayer is worthless, then the conclusion drawn is that the reason is there is no God, a proposition I find to be unreasonable. So, I for one will continue to keep others in my thoughts and prayers with sincerity and the hope for healing and peace.

Kevin O'Neill