I am writing to report to the community upon a project which I have undertaken this fall. In September I wrote a letter suggesting a way forward to developing a new fountain for Hill Park. I received a good deal of vocal support from individuals all across the city looking forward to being able to support a structure which celebrates equity, equality, diversity, respect, generosity and compassion, tolerance, service, peace and justice.

Since then I have had several meetings with artists in our community to discuss concepts. The group has broadened to include architects as we move toward developing a tentative design and starting a fund raising campaign to pay for design, construction and erection of the fountain.

Additionally, I have had several meetings with the Helena Public Arts Council and have received input from the Parks and Recreation Department as this project moves forward. I am working to develop a proposal consistent with the parameters provided by these groups.

My hope is that our next meeting, a mini-Chautauqua, will develop a tentative design which I can present to the various city agencies and the City Commission. The public will have an opportunity to voice their opinion about this proposed gift during the City Commission presentation. If this gift is accepted, I will then reach out to the public for financial support for this Equity Fountain Project.

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I will continue to update the public as this project moves forward to approval, funding and installation.

Ronald Waterman



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