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This letter is in response to a comment Eric Sivers (Helena Open Lands Management Advisory Committee) reportedly made at the recent Beattie Trailhead open house. Reasons why there may not have been the same level of public comment for the Mt. Helena parking area are as follows. Some form of trailhead parking existed there for years before the Reeder's Village subdivision was developed. Rerouting of the road to the trailhead parking occurred about the same time as the subdivision. Those choosing to build in this area did so knowing about trailhead access. Homes built in Reeders Village adhere to regulations for visibility at intersections.

On the other hand, the Beattie area neighborhood existed for several years before any parkland opened to the south. Because most of the homes in this area were built long ago, many don't comply with current rules regarding site obstruction. Many homes are on narrow lots, close to the streets, and lack off-street parking. The Beattie residential area is also much larger, with many more side streets, than at Mt. Helena. There are no traffic calming mechanisms throughout the entire neighborhood. Residents request that the integrity and safety of this neighborhood is preserved with any trailhead changes.

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Lynne Boone



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