Politicians and stockbrokers: Have you ever asked yourself, if these two professions are so smart, why is our country $20 trillion in debt and the brokers keep losing your money on their best guesses? Shouldn't they both be financially set for life without losing our money in the process?

Another great idea is, let's get people who hate the Clintons as much as those who hate Donald Trump and then turn them loose with the same inappropriate illegal means to convict them all. Now look at all the problems I have solved! Start fresh with new names and faces and let's try again. After all, God destroyed the earth numerous times and we still do not have it right.

OK, so the real solution is to divide the states and require all Republicans and Democrats to live only in designated states and let the best group win. Why not? Let's see who would be eating their young, so to speak, and destroying themselves out of existence.

Happy New Year.

Ron Albrecht