The biggest enemy of our nation is not MS-13, the Chinese or radical Islam, but one-sided propaganda that controls most of our news media. Democrats are always shown to be wise and benevolent, while Republicans as selfish and foolish. Tester is always shown to be a man of the people, while Trump, Zinke and Daines are portrayed as calloused idiots. If these Republicans propose a bill, the media will automatically devote contrary commentaries by extremist liberals without little source information.

I like to hear both sensible Democrats' and Republicans' arguments; not just hearing comments from knee jerk reactionaries, cynics and haters -- but that would require real effort, ethics and objectivity. The public should have the chance to decide what is wise and true, but that is dangerous to totalitarian aspirations. Open reporting would also bring people together intelligently rather than dividing us into groups. If we sink like other socialist countries with their totalitarian Pravda style News Speak, we will first thank our mind controllers.

When our Secretary of State simply and politely asked that our news media be objective reporters, this paper expressed its righteous outrage, with two large opinion pieces (one even presented as news on the front page). Obviously the IR felt it painted them accurately. Every socialist country in the world proclaims they are the voice of the people, and woe to anyone who differs in thought against their group think. In college I heard text (printed material) without context (whole story) is pretext (of a concealed and misleading purpose).

Thank you,

Steve Mangold