On Oct. 31, the IR published a list of large contributors to the mayoral race, including my contribution to Wilmot Collins. While I did make a maximum contribution to Wilmot very early in the campaign, primarily out of frustration at Mayor Smith's response to the nondiscrimination ordinance amendment, as the campaign has gone on, I find myself unable to support Wilmot.

I respect him as a person, but I want a city government focused on what only city government can take care of -- streets, water, sewers, and basic infrastructure -- not making broad policy statements on issues over which city government does not have jurisdiction. In listening to Wilmot's statements at candidate forums, I have heard many well-intentioned platitudes on large policy issues, but not any statements about what will be done on the basic functions of city government. I hope that in future city government races, Helena will see a more robust discussion of how the basic functions of city government will be improved.

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Abigail St. Lawrence



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