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This letter will cover many subjects, so be prepared to rip it apart!

During World War II the USA quit taking refuges from Germany, Italy and Japan. We are now fighting Islam and all of its twisted ideology. So should we not ban them from the USA?

Where were the special councils and media, in all of its forms, when the previous administration was performing lawless actions: Fast and Furious, IRS targeting certain groups, so-called political correctness, "We are no longer a Christian nation" from a president, hiding cellphones, lying about it, using the power of a position of secretary of state to get funds for a private "foundation" (which is illegal?), sending billions to Iran, sending arms and supplies to ISIS, and on and on.

The media should be ashamed for their actions, and where are the true stories of what is going on in Iraq and Syria? Silence from the media and all those other matters.

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When the media wakes up each morning to start their stories, how come all of them have the same "tag line." If you are not smart enough to see this, you are lost.

John Valentine



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