I have had the pleasure of knowing Sean Logan for almost 10 years, and support his candidacy for the Helena City Commission. Sean is a person of principle, civility and fairness. He is thoughtful, respectful of alternative viewpoints, is not quick to judge, and makes carefully considered decisions. He is a good listener, but voices his opinion when necessary. During his service with the Helena Fire Department, Sean donated many hours researching the history of the department and amassing vintage photos, artifacts, and stories of aging firefighters. He located the resting places of 100 former firefighters, and began a program to restore HFD markers to the graves. He wrote articles and a blog and shared and collaborated with other researchers. Sean was also one of those behind the maintenance and repair of the Fire Tower over the years, as well as the restoration of the Fire Tower Bell, which was removed from the tower in 1950.

Sean’s efforts were not limited to fire department -- he obtained grants to digitize the City Commission’s earliest handwritten minute books, and upload to them online at the Montana Memory Project for public viewing. His commitment to public service and volunteerism earned him a 2014 Preservation Award, and his bid for a Commission seat is a natural extension of his unselfish service to the community. I hope you will join me in voting for Sean Logan for City Commissioner. He’s not only a voice of reason but an ear for listening.

Pam Attardo