I overheard someone voice opposition to the jail levy, maintaining increased incarceration is due to policy decisions made by the Legislature. Thus, it's their responsibility, not ours.

A long-term solution does rest, in large part, with Montana legislators. However, with all due respect, our detention facility's overcrowding is in crisis and can't wait for legislators to act.

Voters passed the renovation/expansion bond last year. Passage of this levy will enable renovation to begin by funding additional staff, services and programs, enhancing safety, and expediting inmate re-entry into society. All this for less than $50 a year for 15 years on a home valued at $100,000. This includes both the renovation bond passed last year and the proposed levy.

Let's not risk staff or inmate serious injury or death and perhaps legal action by failing to pass this levy.

Waiting for the Legislature to act is nothing less than negligence.

Support the levy. Our detention officers deserve a safe work environment and we all benefit by promoting early and successful return of folks back into society.


John Ilgenfritz