Well written, informative article on the "Point in Time" survey, counting Helena's homeless. Interesting that HUD does not consider those "couch surfing" to be homeless. Why? Perhaps because Congress and the President's emphasis is on cutting domestic spending. Thus, no impetus for HUD to get off its couch to request additional funding.

Two thumbs up to United Way, its volunteers, Mayor Collins and the Helena IR for shining a light on this issue.

God's Love opened its doors in 1984. Has the number of homeless grown partially due to decades of "trickle down" economics not "trickling down" sufficiently enabling folks to keep up with the cost of living? Are there less resources available now compared to 1984 to address the causes of homelessness? Are churches and private nonprofits increasingly struggling to keep their own doors open?

I hope we hear more of the individual stories of those who are homeless; the obstacles they face; and the possible solutions our city, state and federal government, as well, as the community in general, are pursuing.

Homelessness is a complicated issue, challenging helping agencies, neighboring businesses and limited resources.

In 1982, a God's Love brochure's call was to "Open the Doors". Open Hearts, open minds, open wallets; therein lies the seeds of a possible solution.

John Ilgenfritz