I have known Wilmot Collins and his wonderful family for 17 years. I know Wilmot to be a hard-working, bright, articulate man who is concerned about the well-being of our community, especially young people. I was thrilled to learn he is running for Mayor!

Wilmot is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Friendly, outgoing, and kind, he is not easily discouraged by adversity. Wilmot and his wife Maddie are members of the Naval and Army Reserve, respectively, and are both committed to community service. Wilmot is a Child Protection Specialist and Maddie is a nurse at the VA Hospital. They raised their son and daughter in Helena.

Wilmot takes his responsibilities very seriously, would follow through on campaign promises, listen well to the concerns of all Helenans, and work collaboratively to solve challenges. Wilmot is already in dialogue with two outstanding candidates for city commission, Heather O’Lauglin and Andres Haladay. Together, they propose sound ideas to strengthen the Helena’s health and vibrancy.

Public safety will be a major focus for Wilmot if he is elected. For this reason, Helena Firefighters IAFF Local 448 endorsed him.

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It is high time for an inspired, energetic new mayor!

Katie Knight



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