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Robert Farris-Olsen and Janet Ellis are the one-two combination that central Helena needs to lead in the Montana state Legislature. There are two other amazing candidates for the same office -- one who has led a distinguished and proud career and another whose heart is in the right place. But in terms of the candidates who best share my values, it is Farris-Olsen and Ellis.

I have known Farris-Olsen for a number of years and consider him one of Helena's foremost progressive leaders. He has the values of decency, economic justice, and honesty that he took to the city council and that have translated into major gains for the citizens of the capital city. I can only imagine the victories he will help shape as a state legislator.

Ellis started as a champion of Montana's conservationists and has used her time as a state representative to lead the budget battles that kept Montana above water. She will bring those skills to the state senate where she can work with people like Olsen to ensure the right balance for key policies.

Primaries demand we make difficult choices and these two best represent the values I hold dear. Please vote for them.

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Joshua Manning



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