There is no fundamental right to health care. The money it costs represents the time, labor, materials, specialized facilities and expertise needed to deliver it. Even for health care, a right to anything that costs money is inescapably a right to rob or enslave someone else.

Obamacare did not fail because it tried to help a few million people who actually needed help. It failed because it crippled the ability of so many other people to even take care of themselves.

Before Obamacare, most Americans were satisfied with their health care arrangements. For them, Obamacare presumed to fix something that was not broken and only managed to break it. By turning private insurance into a playpen for social engineers and Santa Claus wannabes, Obamacare destroyed it as a viable option for just about anyone else.

This is why people have to be forced to buy it, why most polities sold on the exchange are dependent on subsidies, and why premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed.

This is why millions have chosen to pay the penalties instead, why millions lost policies they already had, and why insurance companies are pulling out of the exchange in droves.

Most of all, this is why Democrats have to lie about it, especially to themselves.

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Don’t be so surprised. If you had saddled the citizenry with something as destructive, out-of-line and piously stupid as they have, you would lie about it too.

Greg Caffrey



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