Senator Tester whines about a 500-page tax reform bill and no chance to read it. No one from your side offered to help, only criticize. This is no different than what you and your cronies did. Remember Obamacare -- 20,000 pages, Christmas Eve, vote to read? So don't give us this high and almighty thing about 500 pages.

Second hypocrisy, you complain it will add one trillion dollars to the debt. You did nothing about this debt, created by you and your cronies in the last eight years.

Third hypocrisy, you claim that it is a tax cut for only the wealthy. The “wealthy” are paying 90 percent of the taxes, they need a break. Quit the class warfare stuff! It is very hard to give a tax break to people who don't pay taxes.

Fourth hypocrisy, you claim that we have to work more across the aisle. You do little of this until up for election. I will work with the majority of Montanans to make sure you do not get re-elected. The hypocrisy of what you do and what you say is defenseless. As a third-generation Montanan, it is hard to ignore your hypocrisy.

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Robert Kolar



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