Every once in a while it's worth being reminded that there is good in this world and great people, too. In fact, many of these magnificent people come from Helena.

We are specifically talking about Connie Roope, owner of Prickly Pear Quilts. Connie and her staff organized a quilters’ road trip to Seeley Lake to visit Deer Country Quilts on Oct. 14. More than 30 of us piled into a school bus she had rented. Her goal was simple: to help out a fellow small business owner in a town where wildfires chased tourists and seasonal residents away from local businesses this summer.

We had a great trip; getting to purchase some beautiful fabrics and other quilting supplies. Not a single person in our group left the store empty-handed.

And it was all organized by one small business owner who wanted to help out another. Montana is a beautiful state -- not just for its mountains, streams, wildlife, wheat fields and big open sky, either. The landscape of Montana is dotted with some generous souls like Connie Roope and her staff.

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Thank you, Connie and staff.

Kathi Cates and Johnette Tubbs



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