I recently spent four weeks in St. Peter's ICU and another four weeks at Benefis West Rehab Center in Great Falls. I received excellent care while in ICU recovering from a debilitating pneumonia and sepsis. The staff not only took good care of me but were so kind and caring to my family who stayed with me round the clock while I was intubated for 10 days. Being unable to move when I awoke, the nursing staff took great care of me monitoring my vitals, preventing bed sores and managing my pain, even spoon-feeding me. The respiratory therapists kept me breathing when I couldn't while on a ventilator and later giving me regular breathing treatments. Drs. Kriesberg and Travis visited daily and kept me informed of my progress or setbacks. With their insistence I went to Great Falls, which was a great option for me to get well enough to return home and be independent again.

Noreen Raynor