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The open House District 81 seat is an opportunity we must seize by electing Robert Farris-Olsen.

In a contest of state legislative experience versus innovative energy, I am in strong support of Robert Farris-Olsen for House District 81. I am a longterm resident of HD 81 and have watched Rob grow up in this district, most recently sharing many trail miles with him and his wife. They are both passionate about the community and will be strong advocates for all of our community values.

Among the many issues facing our community, it is important to realize that conservation policy is more than a legislative bargaining chip. Rob understands that access to public land and healthy ecosystems are critical to our economic vitality as well as our quality of life. Our open house seat, vacated by a true progressive, Rep. Janet Ellis, is an opportunity to continue to move Helena and Montana forward. We need to seize this opportunity to elect Rob Farris-Olsen, a district HD 81 native, who will work hard for our future and that of our grandchildren.

Bill Hallinan

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