I have known Russ Fagg for over 25 years. When you know someone a long time, you see what they are made of.

Fagg served as a Montana district judge for 20 years in Yellowstone County. Judges have the title "honorable" in front of their names. This is not just a title for Judge Fagg; it is a description of his character.

Fagg is a man of honor and integrity. He does what he says, he is transparent and there is nothing false about him. I don't know about others, but that is a key character trait I am looking for in someone I vote for. Is he/she real or fake? Will they do what they say? Will they follow through and finish what they start? Is this someone I would be proud to have represented me? Will they stand firm in hard times and lead with conviction and confidence?

Fagg is a principled conservative, fair, honest and trustworthy. He exemplifies the title "honorable." He has my vote and I ask that you support him too!

Tom McGillvray