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Myself like many other citizens have had to wait for trains where one of our busy city streets intersect the railroad tracks.

A physical solution is probably not going to happen any time soon.

I think the problem could be mitigated until a solution is implemented.

Why can’t the city and/or Burlington Northern post the estimated time of arrivals for the various trains that go through Helena? Two kinds of things could be done – 1) A “Message Board” (with the ETAs) could be placed strategically somewhere (in a number of places) before the tracks along the street, for example, along Montana Avenue. 2) the train schedules (ETAs) could be posted online and an app could be developed so people could download "see" the schedule. At least people would be forewarned and could avoid the intersection(s) if they could. The online option and app seems quite simple to me.

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Albert Niccolucci



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