I am deeply concerned about the direction this country is going. The Republicans rammed through a tax plan in eight weeks mostly behind closed doors and without any public hearings. This has become standard practice with Trump, but has never been done before by our presidents unless it was Nixon.

As a father of a handicapped son, I am deeply concerned what these cuts will do to those who need help just to support the wealthy. It is apparent to me and a lot of others that the Republicans are standing by their party and not for principle. Make no mistake about it: trickle-down economics is a fallacy that has never worked. Company CEOs will give their shareholders dividends and not pay raises for their workers. It is estimated that in a few years 1 percent of the population will get 83 percent of the benefits of this new plan. It is possible to have multiple lawsuits because of it. On a personal level, I will have to pay more to get my taxes done just because of all the changes in the tax code.

You people in Congress take the easy road. Instead of doing what is right, you go where the money is and what your supporters want. You have knuckled under to the NRA, ExxonMobil, the environment and many other issues. That train accident in Washington state could have been avoided if Congress had pushed for the technology to apply the brakes if a train is going too fast. The Republicans, especially, are very short sighted -- always -- saving money instead of looking for the long-term effects of safety. It has been said that we are good at crisis management, but not at crisis prevention. Maybe this accident will make the people in Congress stop and think to make the railroad safer, but I doubt it. It is just going to be like another Las Vegas shooting with good words and platitudes, but no action. It will be another arrow in the quiver of the Republican party to get rid of Amtrak, which they have been trying to do for years.

When are you people going to grow up? I’m just glad that there are more women running for office. They can’t do any worse than the men.

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Robert H. Sprute



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