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Vote for Mary Caferro, the best candidate for House District 81. I've known and deeply admired Mary Caferro for more than 25 years. A compassionate person who helps those who need it the most, Mary has the experience, intelligence and deep caring that will enable her to serve us well as an ethical leader and effective advocate in protecting the most vulnerable of our sisters and brothers. With the current budget crisis eroding public services critical to people’s lives and health, Montana needs Mary Caferro's compassion, budget and policy skills, and legislative expertise now more than ever.

Caferro has served in the Legislature for the last 12 years, fiercely fighting in the Senate Finance/Claims Committee and Health/Human Services Joint Appropriations Subcommittee for a state budget that works for everyone. She chairs the interim Children/Families/Health & Human Services Committee and co-sponsored the Medicaid expansion bill, addressing Montana's health care crisis and providing good health care to nearly 100,000 Montanans. Successfully leading the efforts to save the essential Children's Health Insurance Program, she advanced policies to help people with mental illness and disabilities and continued funding for foster care and home support for children and seniors. Please support Mary Caferro for HD81.

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Frank Kromkowski



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