I've just read Thursday's "inadequate jail" letter, and I agree with almost every word of it. I really, really like Sheriff Leo Dutton and I am proud of every deputy I've ever met in L&C County. Further, I know there are real problems with the jail that need to be fixed!

But! In reading the ballot measure I found a huge discrepancy in the actual cost of a new facility and the amount of money the county wants to take from us. The County doth ask too much!

Last election we voted for a new $6.5 million jail. We just didn't pass spending for it. But the county, instead of asking for $6.5 million, or even double that for cost overruns is trying to dupe us in to paying $60 million over 15 years at $4,000,000 per year. It's almost like the county wants all new money for jail operations and the old money for operations will be spent somewhere else! Get it?

My ballot came today. I've voted NO and sealed it up ready to mail. However, I'm going to hold on to it for two weeks. Convince me otherwise and I'll get a new ballot.

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Steve Hartman



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