I am stunned. I am ashamed. I am mortified that the person who represents our nation went to Vladimir Putin and patted him on the back and told him that he trusts his word over our countrymen working 24/7 to protect our country. He licked his boots while stabbing our intelligence agencies in the back.

He smiled and chuckled with the murderer of the Philippines as well. Hey, come over anytime as we welcome you at the White House! Great job, Rodrigo Duterte. Oh, and telling China that he was glad they took advantage of the U.S. trade deal because we deserved it?

How long will it take for Donald Trump to backtrack from his statements and treat us like we didn't hear him correctly? His words are on film. Hard to deny when the proof is there for all to see. Secret meeting with Putin? I can only imagine the outrage if President Obama would have said or done anything close to the actions of this traitor.

Shame, shame, shame. My friends did not die in Vietnam to allow this coward to shame this nation. Impeach the traitor now!

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Cheryl Sage



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