Republican whip John Cornyn said of the senate tax bill “This is a political imperative for Republicans.” An imperative for Republicans, not America? It’s no surprise when Donald Trump lies, saying he will not benefit but a middle class worker will see $4,000 in savings.

Most of us expect that from Donald Trump, but what about Republicans like Greg Hertz and Steve Daines? Did they ever bother to mention that the loopholes retained for the wealthy and large corporations or that these reductions will phase out for the rest of us over a ten year period? Did they ever bother to mention that most earning under $75,000 will see tax increases over the same period? Did they ever bother to mention that with this big, fat, beautiful Christmas present millions will lose health insurance coverage? The CBO understands all this.

Are Republicans like this just shading the truth, or are they just modeling our non-politician president? Perhaps they just live in political fear of Donald Trump? It’s likely a bit of all the above, but with the failure by Sen. Daines and Republicans in general to condemn Donald Trump for most recently retweeting white supremacist video lies, for now at least, maybe the benefit of doubt goes to the fear factor.

John Andrew