If we consider an AR-15 an assault rifle, do we consider the M1 carbine an assault rifle also? Both can hold a 30-round clip. Both have the same rate of fire. Both are available to the civilian market. The AR-15 looks more aggressive, but both were used by the military. The AR-15 has no more fire power than the M1. There were millions of M1 sold after WWII. We didn’t have mass shooting back in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Take guns out of the picture because they have not changed, and let us focus on what has really changed. Lack of respect for the American flag and what it stands for; prayer removed from the classroom and other public venues; promoting a secular society; lack of disciple within our school systems; breakdown of the family and lack of disciple at home; not having to take responsibility for one’s own actions; breakdown of our core moral values; lack of respect for one another; defeat or failure is not allowed, everyone gets a reward; bad behavior is condoned; violent video games where you get points for kills; movies that glorify violence; five minutes of fame given out on social media for stupidity; sanctuary cities; and I could on and on.

Kermit Liebel