Phil Cohea writes a letter to the editor of the IR published in the Feb. 6 edition making the case that “Attacks on media are attacks on democracy.”

Allow me to give Phil a current example of what is wrong with our biased media. Look at the story in the same day’s paper entitled, "Trump calls Democrats 'un-American' in speech," which strangely was not up on the online version of the IR for direct comment.

It is at best only marginally relevant that the AP journalists weave in the stock market drop into this story.

It is extremely relevant what President Trump was referring to when he chastised Democrats for not cheering. Yet, somehow the journalists didn't see the relevance in mentioning that Trump thinks all should cheer historic lows in black and Hispanic unemployment. I think so too. Don't you? There seems to be only one explanation for the omission -- media bias.

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Dan Moore



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